In this companion book to Come Away My Beloved, the best-selling title by the author Frances J. Roberts, you will find a wide variety of prose; poetry and prayers that will help you grow in the knowledge and commitment to Christ. Each message, which ends with a prayer, will convince you of God's "total love" for you. With titles such as:

"The Tranquility of Worship," The Creative Power of the Love of God," To Set Our Captives Free," and "Gratitude," Total Love promises an invigorating reading experience for all.

With great tenderness and love the Lord speaks to His children through the pages of this book beginning with the offering for which the book is titled. Total Love reminds us to

"Just keep on, My little one, and some day you will know why all the trials and the grief were sent to try you so. There never was a brighter day than this you now can see, there never was a sweeter song than the one you sing to Me. I've loved you through the darkness, and loved you in the light; whenever you have needed Me, I've always been in sight.

Total Love
Soft or Hard Cover

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